The Heart of an AMS and the Personality of a Website


NOAH is an Enterprise Association Management System.  The intent of NOAH is that all functions are maintained in NOAH or via the NOAH API when integrating with other systems. NOAH is your marketing system; your membership, special interest group and certification system; your meeting, event and trade show manager, your subscription and publication manager; your fund raiser and your Accounts Receivable system as all monies are invoiced, collected and managed by NOAH which then informs your accounting system.  NOAH works with data at an organizational and personal level of detail and is the meta-database of the association.

NOAH is a holistic approach to association management with two views of a single, integrated SQL database.  One view is for the association staff of administrative and power users.  They need strong tools to deal with a wide range of situations, ad hoc inquiry capability and a large inventory of reports that can be printed or emailed, one at a time or in bulk.  This view is called the AMS.

The second view is that of the Member or Web visitor, higher level association staff and officers that need an easily navigated site that is aware of their authorities and opens the appropriate areas for their viewing and interaction with the database.  This view is referred to as e-NOAH.

Users of the NOAH AMS are knowledgeable in the data and have office procedures that define the processing steps and work flow.   Users of e NOAH are not trained, know little of the data outside their own record and expect the site navigation to transparently handle any internal processes.

NOAH is entirely web based, requiring only a computer and an internet connection for 24/7, worldwide access to your organization’s dearest resource: your data and the content of your website. Hosted at the NOAH Hosting Center, you no longer have to maintain servers, upgrades, security or backups.

Powered by MS SQL 2008 databases and the latest web technology, NOAH provides all of the tools you need to effectively manage and process all of your thousands of tasks, while allowing you to create the most captivating and efficient web site possible utilizing the most advanced web tools available.

  With JL Systems and NOAH there is no limit
to what you can provide for your organization
and your members!

And best of all, you get every module, unlimited blast emailing, and the NOAH CMS Editor for one license fee. There is never a need to limit what you can do based on your budget!


JL Systems was founded in 1982 and has been serving associations for over 29 years with the NOAH Enterprise Association Management System.  Many clients have been with us for decades moving from Unix to Windows to the Web.  Our primary focus is on the support of our existing NOAH Users and their systems.

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