Blast eMailing

No Limits, No Fees!

You can author and send as many blast emails as you wish, without any limit or fee for usage. You use the same, full-featured CMS editor used for developing website content to create your emails. All of your emails are stored in the library for repeated use and form the templates for creating new emails.

Your emails can use tokens from the database to create personalized messages, with each recipient's pertinent data included such as their name, nickname, membership category, expiration date, address and more.

You can include images, links to your website or any other website, links to documents you have uploaded and you can add attachments to be delivered with your email message.

All of your email composition is performed using the WYSIWYG CMS editor that is part of NOAH. You can send test emails to yourself until you are completely satisfied with the body of the email, and you can review the recipients prior to sending for a final verification. You can view the history of every email sent within each library card, and you can view every email sent for any recipient while viewing their contact record.

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