Exporting Data

NOAH provides for exporting data to Excel and csv files in multiple ways throughout the system.

Most of the standard reports in NOAH have the option of being generated as pdf files as well as exports of the raw data to Excel and csv files. Thus a list of attendees for a meeting or event can be output as a pdf report with headings and columns and your logo and letterhead, in addition to the data of the report being exported to Excel. All standard reports in NOAH that can be exported are already configured to give you this option.

The NOAH Reporter can also export data as one of the output choices in addition to blast emails, counts, labels and lists. Within the NOAH Reporter you have many export templates to choose from based on the data you want to export. Thus you can choose an export that retrieves all of the information related to membership, event registrations, committees, sponsors, donations, continuing education and certification, exhibitor booths and more. Any data that is related to a contact can be exported. The exports themselves are named and saved for repeated use, in the same way your library card queries are named and stored. All staff have access to all exports created to use in any library card query.

Exporting through the use of standard reports and through the NOAH Reporter gives you the ability to export any information for any purpose.

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