Invoices and Statements

All reports that pertain to your members can be printed for mailing and can be delivered via personalized email messages. These documents include invoices, statements of outstanding invoices, activity reports, transcripts, certificates and more.

You can run any of these reports for a single member or for all members. Each time you run the report you specify if you wish to receive a pdf for saving, printing or sharing, along with printed envelopes or mailing labels. If you choose to deliver the report to the member via email, you can author a personalized message using tokens from the database, to which the report is attached as a pdf. You can create as many email messages as you wish, as each is stored in your email library. Thus different membership categories or certification categories can have their own email messages.

When any email is sent from NOAH a record of the final version of the email, including any merged database tokens and all attachments, is saved in that member's email history. You can view and re-send any email while on the member's record. You can even send the email to a different email address than was used originally.

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