NOAH Reporter

The NOAH Reporter is your tool for creating, naming, saving and sharing on-demand queries of the database. The results of the queries can be used to export data, send a blast email, print mailing labels and produce counts and lists.

You can use the NOAH Reporter to create simple lists or to create complex, compound queries. You can create as many criteria as you like, and can then join the criteria via AND, OR and NOT operators. All of the criteria screens use your field labels, and only the fields you have turned on show up in the criteria. Thus you do not need to know the first thing about building an SQL query, or how the NOAH database is defined. You simply fill out the parameters of your query in the same manner as used for inputting the data or running a report, and group the criteria as you wish.

Examples  of simple queries include everyone that is a current member of a committee or set of committees. All current members who have not registered for a particular meeting or event. Everyone that purchased a particular item from the online store. Everyone that made a donation during a specific time frame or within a specific dollar amount range.

Your queries can get far more complex, and can use set logic. Examples of these queries include all current members that registered for last year's annual meeting and have not registered for this year's meeting. All exhibitors that have purchased a booth in any of the past 5 annual meetings that have not yet purchased a booth this year. Or this same question of exhibitors with the additional criteria of any companies that have advertised in or sponsored any of the prior 5 annual meetings.

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