Shopping Cart Confirmations

Each invoice you create in the AMS, and each time a member checks out of the shopping cart on your website, a confirmation of the transaction is automatically emailed to the member. As staff within the AMS, you have the option of not sending the email for any individual invoice. As a member on the website, the confirmation can be directed to any email they wish to use.

The content of the confirmation email is an html-compatible template that you create and control. It can be personalized by including tokens from the database which typically include the purchaser's name, billing and shipping addresses, a thank you message, links to your website, your organization's address and logo, and any other content you wish to include.

Additionally, you can create secondary, personalized emails that are triggered by the individual items on the invoice or in the shopping cart. Thus if a person is joining as a new member and registering for an event, you can create a separate email that is tied to each item. That way you can thank the person for joining, welcoming them to your association with a reminder of benefits and links to member's only content, while also sending an email with specifics about the event they registered for, along with links to additional content describing the event. This is especially helpful if you have one person within an organization that may register more than one person for an event at the same time, as the targeted email based on that event registration would be sent to each attendee that is registered.

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