Employment Opportunities
  Support and Training
We are looking for association professionals across multiple program areas that can work with NOAH users in answering questions, troubleshooting issues, and providing training in the system.  A great career step in the association world where you learn the internals of a highly integrated and robust AMS system while gaining experience across many associations.

Database Guru
A true information science engineer that has a commanding knowledge in Microsoft’s SQL Server and grasp of the intricacies of a large and complex relational database.  The database team authors views, stored procedures and functions for the Web and AMS development teams, control the data layer of NOAH, and perform all data conversion from legacy and new NOAH systems.  It is a rare opportunity to work in a SQL farm of multiple databases, build and administer development, QA and live platforms and be current with the state of the art in database technology.

Quality Assurance Team
Be the gatekeeper over NOAH by controlling the publication of software as in moves from development to the QA domain to the live data center’s virtual web farm.  Work with clients to know the requirements, work with developers to convey requirements and test results, and work with project managers to keep the ball rolling.  An opportunity to hold an authoritative position in a large, wonderfully successful system. 

MS Access Reports Programmer
MS Access???  Yes!  MS Access remains to most friendly and powerful business reporting engine in the world.  NOAH operates a multi-threaded set of MS Access ade engines to process report, export and email requests from all system users in real time in its own multi-processor huge virtual machine.  If you love MS Access, it doesn’t get better than this!                                 

   How to Apply:   Give us a call at 703-941-0077 and ask for Jon or Larry.  Send us your resume with prior jobs, education and skills.  Talk to us about what you want to do, where you want to be in five years and how we can work together to make it happen!
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