Special Interest Groups and Specialties

Another common component of membership is the joining of special interest groups and specialties, which go by many other names such as components, initiatives and networks. The most complex typically follow the format of the membership itself, in that there is a coding system for the group and subgroup, a join and renew process, fees that must be paid, entitlement dates that must be updated and benefits that are conferred, including access to restricted content areas on the website. All of these aspects are optional and need not apply, and are all supported by NOAH.

It is also possible to incorporate the joining and renewing of the member's groups into the primary membership join and renewal online procedure, or to create a stand alone online procedure for this.

Restricted content is typically developed for the website for each group and specialty. These areas can include forums, blogs, calendars of events, links to documents, articles and external websites as well as rosters of the members of each group. There is no end to the content you can develop, and members can only access these areas for as long as their entitlement continues.

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