History Tracking

A copy of every email sent by NOAH is stored and is viewable at any time. You can view blast emails, shopping cart confirmations, meeting confirmations, exhibitor reminders and any other NOAH generated email. All attachments sent with the original email are included. You can also resend any email, to any email address you wish.

All sales history, whether complimentary or for a fee, is displayed in one place. Discounts, promotions and cancelations are all tracked and displayed. Adjustments, refunds and cancelations can be made directly from the contact's profile.

Payments received are displayed separately on the profile for your convenience, along with each item and invoice to which they apply. Voids, refunds and balance forward transactions are all displayed, and may be made directly from the contact's profile.

Accounts Receivable is displayed separately for a quick listing of outstanding invoices. Payments to one or more invoices can be entered directly from the contact's profile.

A log file is maintained of all data that is updated, whether the change was a new record, an edit or a deleted record, and what the before and after values are. The username of the user making the change, along with the date and time of the change are also recorded. The log file can be queried, sorted and exported for any purpose.

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