Membership invoicing is typically the most critical and complicated financial process within every association. NOAH, with over 28 years of use by associations of every type and size, is flexible enough to accommodate any process you determine.

Whether your dues structure is simply the same fee for every member at the same time of year, or based on demographics and formulas and includes regional, chapter and group fee components, your process can be supported by NOAH. In fact, you can have a different dues structure for each distinct membership category and sub-category. Individuals can be treated separately from institutions, which can again be separated from corporations. Different membership types can operate on different calendar cycles, and each can have its own set of reminders, notices and confirmations.

Membership joining, renewing and returning is typically enabled online, and incorporates all of these rules and procedures. If you do not allow members to become fully active upon joining online you can instead enact an application process, and optionally charge a fee at the same time.

Whether you operate on a calendar year membership expiration or an anniversary date expiration, you can process reminders, notices and invoices at any interval. The notices can be in the form of an invoice, yet not booked to accounting as A/R. They can be personalized and printed for mailing or automatically sent via email. You can alternatively adopt pro-forma creation of invoices where the invoice is created for the ease of building the fees and entering eventual payments, yet never posted as A/R. In addition, you can invoice on a recurring basis, whether it be per month, quarter or annually.

Confirmation letters can be printed or emailed, along with cards and certificates. Reports of all members joining, renewing and returning are provided and run for any time frame and membership type you indicate.

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