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NOAH allows you to configure every aspect of the screens you and your members use to view and edit their profiles. In fact, every screen in NOAH can be configured in this same manner. You can set the caption, help text and edit level permissions of every field. You can set fields to mandatory, and can even turn fields on and off. You have independent controls for the staff view as well as the member's view online, allowing you to hide sensitive information from the web site.

Each contact can have unlimited addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and any other communication method you wish to capture. Each of these can be designated for any purpose, thus one address could be for invoices while another is used for publications. A key or default entry is designated within each major category, thus you can easily identify the key email, key phone and key address of each contact.

NOAH allows you track an unlimited number of demographics and other specific biographical data, and to group contacts into as many lists as desired. These lists can then be used for selecting contacts for a blast email, postal mailing and exporting. Lists can also be generated for opting in and out of any activity or correspondence.

Folders are assigned in NOAH to track the participation of all of your members and constituents. Folders are typically used to manage memberships, committees, presenters, exhibitors, certifications, speakers and more. There is no limit to the number or types of folders you can create and add to any contact. Contacts can also have an unlimited number of the same folder, thus NOAH can support multiple memberships by the same person or organization. All folders separately track the levels or codes of participation, such as the membership group and type or committee/subcommittee, along with all entitlement dates, financial history and any other relevant data. Presenters and speakers are linked to each meeting or event in which they participate, along with each paper, session or poster they present. Where applicable, all financial transactions automatically update the folders. When a new member joins or an existing member renews, all data related to the membership is created or updated as needed, automatically.

The NOAH Notepad is used to record all correspondence and action items for a contact. All Notepad entries can be assigned as tasks to any member of the staff, with due dates, completion dates, and notes. You can also assign up to seven different codes to each entry to indicate the urgency level, department, follow up task, resolution level or any other category you wish to create. Each staff member has their own inbox and outbox for managing Notepad tasks, and all entries can be queried in order to send a blast email, export or simply list tasks assigned to or from any staff member.

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