Regions and Chapters

With NOAH, you can assign your members to regions and chapters. A member can belong to an unlimited number of each, and you can utilize both regions and chapters simultaneously.

You can optionally charge fees for regions and chapters, and the fees can be broken into as many components as needed. Thus you could have a fee that is forwarded to a chapter, and an admin fee for a chapter that is kept by your organization. All components of region and chapter fees can optionally be combined into a single fee. You can further combine these fees with the general membership fee into a single line item on the invoice as well.

Members can be automatically assigned to a region and/or chapter. This is typically done based on the member's state or zip code, but other rules can be applied.

Regions and chapters typically have officers and staff and are considered organizations unto themselves. Restricted online content can be developed by you using the NOAH CMS editor, and authorized region and chapter representatives can upload documents, run reports and update calendars in these areas.

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