NOAH includes dozens of standard reports for membership. The simplest reports include counts and lists by membership category and sub-category, which can alternatively be displayed in pie charts and bar charts.

The more complex reports include members joining, renewing and returning, and can include the detailed financial information of each transaction. These can be run for any date range, and optionally for any specific membership category or sub-category. You can also print a unique report of A/R, which displays and summarizes all outstanding invoices by membership category and sub-category.

For committees you can print multiple rosters, optionally with committee positions and terms. You can print these reports for any term in order to view historical information.

Regions, chapters, special interest groups and specialties all contain similar reports for each category. Where fees are applicable the reports can optionally display the financial information of each transaction.

As with all modules of NOAH, the NOAH Reporter can be used to create and store ad-hoc queries based on membership, for the purposes of blast emailing, exporting, analysis, business intelligence and data mining. The Reporter is described more fully under Communications.

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