NOAH includes its own CMS (Content Management System) Editor for you to develop the pages and content of your website. Utilizing the styles sheets developed for your site, you can create pages that contain images, links, movies, flash, banners, galleries, rotators, and of course text content that remains uniform throughout the site. If you change the color, point size or font of any style definition, the entire website is updated instantly to the new style.

There is no license fee for the NOAH CMS Editor, and it is the most advanced editor available for website design. You can upload and insert images, documents, media, flash and many more types of files. You can map areas of images to link to any page on any website, or to any document or file you upload.

You can create as many folders as you wish to organize the files that you upload, all stored at the NOAH Hosting Center and available to anyone in the world, anytime.

The NOAH CMS Editor has powerful design and preview capabilities that allow you to create the advanced content and animation that you require. Site navigation can made to be intuitive and easy to follow through the use of the menu system and the content you develop. Through the use of skins, containers and style sheets, the NOAH CMS Editor is your tool for developing an effective and affecting website.

All pages and content can be managed through the NOAH CMS Editor workflow manager. This allows you to review and approve pages and content before they are live to the public. In addition, all content changes are logged as to the time and user responsible for making the change, and all revisions can be rolled back as necessary.

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