Graphic Art

Website design begins with the creation of the graphic art that gives your site the appearance and personality you desire. Since it is generally the first impression your organization will make on a new visitor it is a critical element in the building of your website.

JL Systems incorporates all of the artwork developed for your website into the framework of the pages you develop for your website. The artwork can be created by JL Systems, by your organization, or by any third party graphic artist you choose.

Once a mock-up of the site is developed we create the skins, containers and style sheets to standardize each of the page templates with the graphical elements created for the site. This includes any images, movies, flash, fonts, colors and point sizes you wish to define. Headers, footers, menus, content areas and all layout features are formed around the graphical elements to create a cohesive, branded website for your organization.

JL Systems, Inc.
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