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The NOAH CMS Editor is used to create pages within your website, which may optionally be included in the menus of the site. The pages that are included in a menu can easily be moved up or down to appear before or after another page. You can easily move pages to a different menu heading as well.

Each page can utilize a different skin, and can be assigned access rights based on the security roles you determine. Thus you can create content areas of your site that are restricted to current members, current members of a particular committee, subscribers, exhibitors, sponsors, and any other constituent group you wish to create. The security roles are automatically assigned based on the individual's data in your system at the time they login.

As each page can use its own skin and style sheet, each of these content areas can have very different appearances and layouts allowing you to create mini websites within the whole if desired. You can of course stick with a similar design and style sheet to create a single, cohesive look to the site as well.

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