NOAH Modules

The most powerful modules available for your website are of course those that interact with your database, the NOAH Modules. These range from the standard procedures of username, password and login control, profile updating and the online store, to the various custom modules you will utilize such as membership joining and renewing, event registration, annual meeting registration, exhibitor booth purchasing and personnel registration and more.

All data updates are made in real time, whether by staff in the NOAH AMS or by the website visitor online. All financial transactions and security roles are processed in real time as well. Thus a member who joins online can have instant access to the members only area. Or a committee member that is assigned to a committee for the current term by a staff member can instantly log in and access the committee only area.

Other typical NOAH modules that are optionally developed to interact with your database are searchable member directories, committee rosters and report areas, chapter and regional reports areas, special interest group processing, award and voting submissions, quizzes, exams, evaluations and surveys, subscription processing and donations processing.

As the AMS and your website operate from the same SQL 2008 database in real time there is no limit to the amount of automation you can provide on your website. The more activities you can run from your website the more value your members will assign to their membership and your site, and the more work you can offload from your staff to your members!

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