Off the Shelf

NOAH includes dozens of modules from around the world, without any licensing fees or requirements.

The most popular of these are Active Social, Active Forum, blogs, photo galleries, forums, wikis, news articles, document repository, calendars, feedback form designers and RSS feeds. Many more modules are available.

Each of these modules is developed as a low cost solution to provide the latest technology from providers with proven track records. Each is available for use in your organization's website without limit or cost to you. As future modules are developed we will continually purchase these and integrate them into the NOAH CMS Editor for use by all of our clients.

NOAH and your website can also make use of the various widgets available from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and more. These widgets and dashboards are typically free to use and can be placed on any page within your website.

NOAH and your website can also be interfaced with Google Analytics, which is a free service from Google that provides an incredible array of statistics and reports for each page within your website.

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