Skins & Things

The framework of your web pages is contained in a file referred to as a skin. Any website can have has many different skins as needed in order to provide as many layout templates as desired. The skin defines the placement of headers, footers, menus, graphics and content areas. It also typically contains elements that repeat on various pages, like the menu and links to the visitor's profile, shopping cart, the login/logout screen and a site search box.

Containers may optionally be used to create mini skins within the framework of a single page. Containers divide up the page visually by using lines or frames, background colors and images, headings, and typically utilize a different set of colors from the page template to highlight the content within them.

The colors, fonts and point sizes for the menus, links and text content are all controlled through the use of style sheets. Each skin and container can have their own style sheets, allowing you to change the appearance of any page within the site as dramatically as you wish. Entire sections of the website can utilize unique skins, containers and style sheets allowing you to create what may appear to be multiple websites within the same site or domain.

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